March 24, 2009

I'm Still Here

I think this may be the longest I have gone without blogging... bad me! I have been so busy with my new business venture - Pumpkin Pie Photography.... but I promise to get to posting some personal blog stuff soon! Love to all!

January 21, 2009

Go Cowboys

So this game was just for the Daddies! Our church had their men's retreat and a few of the guys played a scramble golf game on the way up.... the winning team got tickets to a Cowboys game! Well, watch out PGA Tour, these four guys won and were very excited to attend one of the last Cowboys games to be played in Texas Stadium. And yes, the Cowboys won! Erick got to attend the game with great friends - Darren, Christopher and Jeremy. These are incredible men (with even more incredible wives - ha!) that we are blessed to call family in our church and couple's bible study - we share wonderful times with their families as we are growing in our faith together and watching our children grow up together. Oh, and Erick was very proud that some of his shots were used during the scramble! I am always glad when Erick gets to play golf - he loves the game and has a great set of clubs since I used to work for a golf club company! Go Cowboys!

January 20, 2009

One Wild and Crazy Guy

These pictures were taken on Evan's actual first birthday - October 8, 2008. Although not the greatest pictures because it was dark and Evan was on the move.... they sure capture his personality and phase of life right now. He is one wild and crazy man who has learned to literally RUN through the house. I couldn't not blog about this fun thing that he does called "Yea Evan"... all you've got to do is say "Yea Evan" and the arms go straight up and he grins from ear to ear running about celebrating. It is a riot! This sweet boy provides hours of entertainment for all of us! He is learning so much these days, here are some of his milestones:

1. He can say and wave "bye-bye".

2. Says Mama, Daddy and Bubba.

3. Says ball, doggie, thank you and milk (all in his slang of course!)

4. Loves throwing things and saying "uh-oh"... not really an "uh-oh" in my book, but he's getting good at using the phrase even when he sees other people "uh-oh". It's pretty darn cute!

5. Loves saying and playing "boo" and makes the cutest face as he prolongs the word "boooooooooo". Adorable!

I know there are so many other tricks and antics, but these are just a few highlights. He spends his days running around, exploring, figuring stuff out and trying to make you laugh - he loves an audience. And he is a flirt, when someone pays him attention he does his little head sideways and gives them a sweet smile. We took the pacifier away a couple of months ago, and the bottle too and he is down to one nap a day.... big boy stuff! Sniffle, sniffle. We gave him a blanket to start sleeping with at night, but with these cold nights we still do what we call "double bag" him (put on a thick set of pjs over a thin set of pjs) because he throws his blanket out half of the time and still loves to play "Spartacus" where he takes one arm out of his pajamas! Crazy kid!

He loves his milk and still loves grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes, and he now loves pizza and downed a cheeseburger at Wendy's the other day! :) We had his 15-month check-up yesterday and he is still tall and trim - the doctor said we could feed him five meals a day if we wanted since he is tall and active and burns through those calories. These two growing boys are going to eat us out of house and home - and we love it! Preston has now officially moved past the kids meals at restaurants - they are not nearly enough food for him; he ate four slices of pizza the other night! Wow! It is so awesome having boys, truly. They are a joy and easy to please!

Dr. McDonald was very pleased that Evan has our immune system genes and has not been to see him one time in the last 15 months except for well-baby check ups. Evan got one little cold right before Christmas that lasted about a day and a half and that's been it. We are blessed to have healthy children and that Erick and I stay pretty healthy ourselves... although this crazy hot/cold weather sure doesn't make it easy... okay, Texas!

I'm in the process of selling all of Evan's baby stuff - sold most of the baby equipment (bouncy, swing, etc.)... now it's time to sell the clothes, my maternity clothes and all the stuff that he's just too big for now. Again, sniffle, sniffle. But he is moving on to bigger things, no more baby. Hopefully we won't do what we did last time.... decide that we were not having any more kids, give everything away and then decide that we needed another! :) Another baby... Hmmmmm???? :)

Love to all!

Awards Time

So, every once in a while I must use this blog to brag on my two handsome, funny, smart and precious boys! :) Hee hee! I hope that you don't mind this indulgence! All kidding aside - I just always want my boys to know how extremely proud and honored we are to have them!

We were just so excited when Preston's school had their first awards assembly of the year and Preston was honored with receiving TWO awards - he won the Spanish award and Science award for first grade. He was very excited too! He knew that he was receiving one award, but we kept it a secret that he was getting a second award - he was very proud. Here he is on stage with his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Alexander. Preston LOVES Mrs. Alexander, LOVES school and works very hard. He hops out of bed every morning ready to go to school; it is a great thing! I'll admit that sometimes I don't "hop" out of bed to take him.... can't school start at 10:00am! :)

I was so sad to miss the Awards Day; they were given out on the second day of my 3-Day Walk... so I was trekking through North Dallas as he was getting his award - but I was sure to call Preston when we got back to camp that night and hear all about it! Daddy and Evan were there to celebrate and capture the moment on film. Way to go, Preston! School is not all about awards, but they sure are special and let you know that you are doing the right things and that your kids are learning. I can't believe that we are already halfway through first grade; time goes by so fast. And our little first grader came home with his report card the other day and he is already reading at a third grade level. WOW! This is solely because he LOVES to read and because he has great teachers! In fact, he lost his "toy" privileges the other day (7-year old attitude) and he sat down and read three chapter books.... makes me not feel so bad for having to take away his privileges... even if he is reading "Captain Underpants" - oh the joys of boys!

Okay, brag session over.... thanks for indulging! Love to all!

A Sweet Boy

I am finally taking the time to edit pictures that I took this Fall - now that my computer can edit them at a normal rate of speed! Anyway, just posting a few of my favorites from a couple of months ago... Evan is 13 months old here. I am ready for nice weather again so that we can get back outside!

January 14, 2009

Thoughts From A 7-Year Old

You know, sometimes your kids just say things that make you laugh, or wonder or stand there in amazement - they are so funny, so smart... and I want to make sure I remember these little moments! So, here are a few things that Preston has shared with me over the last few weeks... enjoy!

So we were out looking at Christmas lights a few days before Christmas, and we were in a neighborhood that goes ALL OUT and has very elaborate themes and lights. We came upon this one house, the star of the night, it even had a sign that it had won best house! It was unbelievable, it put Clark W. Griswold to shame - and it was tasteful and beautiful! We just stopped and stared at it. And then Preston said "Wow, I'd pay like $600 for someone to do that to my house. Well, I'd pay them $600, but then they'd have to give me $5 back." Ha! In other words, this work was worth $595 to Preston! Hilarious! And by the way, this was easily a $7,000-$8,000 job! I too, would have paid $600 for this Christmas light extravaganza - okay, I'd pay $595!

A few weeks before Christmas I had eyed this watch at the Fossil store and apparently Erick took note and had been looking for this watch to give to me for Christmas, but it was never in stock... so I assumed they just didn't have it anymore and I had already told Erick not to buy me anything big for Christmas - this mom is always buying things she doesn't need! Well, a couple of days after Christmas Erick took Preston to the mall to get a haircut and I stayed home with Evan... well, when they got home I asked Preston - "What all did you do at the mall, did you get to go to the bookstore or anything?" To which Preston replied, "Mom, we went to the Fossil Store and we bought you something!"... then he stared at me for a moment and said "Oh, I was SO NOT supposed to say that!" Secret out of bag... Erick came downstairs and Preston said "Well, I didn't tell her WHAT we bought her."... to which Dad replied, "You didn't have to, son." Oh, our little secret keeper... hey, at least he's honest!

Preston and I were driving around the other day and he asked me, "Mom, when I go to college will I be driving?" I said, "Yes, you'll drive when you are in high school." Preston's eyes lit up and he said, "So when I'm in college and I'm not studying, I'll be able to drive myself to a restaurant?" Hmmm.... "Well, yes" I said... he was so excited that he would one day be able to take himself to a restaurant, oh the little things. He then told me that he would "definitely be driving himself to Taco Bueno." Ha!

Oh, and when Preston got in the car this week from school he informed me that "when I grow up I want to be a waitress". "A waitress?" I said. Hmmmm... I did have to inform him that a waitress was a woman, to which he chuckled. Not sure what's prompting the fascination with restaurants and food service - but if he loves that industry, can I request him to be a chef? No worries... this is one of MANY professions that he has exhausted, including - paleontologist, worker man, movie director, animal caretaker, architect. Can't wait to find out what he chooses to be!

And while playing his new Wii game, Madden '09, he proceeded to tell me and Erick that he was "in the mode today... mom" Don't know why that just cracked us up!

And last one - we were out to lunch after church with our dear friends, The Bradleys... this is a Sunday tradition. While we were waiting on our food he asked me when he would be able to watch the movie "Top Gun"? I told him that probably not until he was 10 or 12 because it had some bad words in it. He looked at me and said "oh, I know what bad word it has in it... S-H-U-T-U-P". He literally spelled out the words "Shut Up". Of course, you could imagine that our hearts stopped when the word started with "SH" (oh, no!).... but thankfully, this is one of the worst words he knows... for now! We told him "yep, that word is probably in Top Gun."

Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful holiday! I just got a new computer, and I'm so excited for faster blogging... I'm working on catching up! Love to all!

December 27, 2008

Our Family

Happy New Year! I just wanted to share a few updated pictures of our family and the boys! In the pictures... Preston, 7 years old and Evan, 1 year old. Enjoy these beautiful boys who are the spitting image of their Daddy and of each other. Thank you to my three boys for filling my heart with love and joy every day of my life... my love for all of you is never-ending!

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Yummy! Above is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal in my opinion - the desserts! Including these delicious Oreo Balls that I make every Thanksgiving - they are sinful!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; this is Preston's favorite holiday! He loves "spending time with his family" and "the food"; he adores his cousins and loves getting to hang out with them all day! And really that's all we do on Thanksgiving - spend time with my family, eat, hang out, watch football... the usual! Here is Preston enjoying his Thanksgiving feast.

And here we are with Poppee (my dad)... we only get to see him a couple of times a year - don't be a stranger, Poppee!

The cousins... playing Guitar Hero! Preston is not into this game yet, but it won't be long I am sure! He loved watching them play.

And this was the cherry on top for Preston - getting to go fishing on Thanksgiving Day! The best day ever! My cousins have a little lake behind the house, so the boys (and girls) got out the fishing gear and went for a quick fish!

And Evan is also at his happiest when he's outside... he loved running around with Daddy - here he is figuring out his first dandelion.

Love this picture - one day I'm sure Evan will tower as tall as his Daddy, but for now he is our "little man".

We spent most of the day outside wandering around on their land... Preston wore out his cousin, Chandler, running up and down these hills!

Fun in the leaves... love the Fall; can't wait to have big trees... one of the downfalls of a new neighborhood.

Getting to hang out with Poppee... and Evan - not wanting to be held for even a moment, just put him down and let him run! And trust me - we are no longer walking, we are running!

Preston loves playing pool... here he is getting a lesson from his cousin, Tristan. One day when we can get all the toys out of the playroom maybe we'll get a pool table... a big kid toy! Erick and I started dating when he was down in College Station and we spent many a Friday night playing pool, great memories.

I am so thankful for the many blessings that God has generously given me and my family. I am so grateful for each day and every adventure. This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Many blessings to everyone!

Oh, I almost forgot... so my Thanksgiving is not complete on Thursday... the girls always extend the holiday to Friday with Black Friday shopping! It is a tradition with us girls for as long as I can remember - me with my cousins Tiffany and Erika and their daughers Lexi and Chandler and my Aunt Linda. We call ourselves the "Boo Ya Shopping Club". After the boys retreat or head home we spend the evening going through the paper and sales ads and preparing our itinerary for Friday! Normally we get up around 3:30am to be at the stores bright and early, but this year we heard that the Outlet stores were opening at midnight, so we got the bright idea to go there first... so yes, we stayed up all night, headed out before midnight and shopped all night! But we got tired around 7:30am and "called it a day".... I think I came home and slept until 3:00pm!

Of course, our Friday was not without adventure and a funny story or two! First, so we were not the only people who got the idea to go to the Outlets at midnight. I think the whole city was there; the highway was backed up as far as you could see, it took us almost an hour just to get close enough to park in a field behind the Outlets. A fine field at the time; however, while we were shopping it began to rain! And it rained pretty hard - and well, that nice field turned into a swamp of mud! So, here we are - me and my cousin, Erika, heading to get the cars to pick everyone up - and we are literally slushing through the mud, sinking in it and it is covering our shoes. I almost lost my shoes once because the mud was so thick and heavy! And then we have to get in the car and drive with these disgusting shoes - fun! It's dark and raining and muddy and I am in Erick's car spinning out trying to get the thing out of the mud - I honestly thought I was going to get stuck! The mud was slinging everywhere and covered the tires... I think I left a trail for two miles on the street... it was like a scene in a movie, so hilarious. But we were headed to Kohl's for their 4:00am opening - where Erika and I spent the first 20 minutes washing our shoes in their sinks... sorry Kohl's! What a great memory and one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving.... shopping with my family, spending time with the girls. Can't wait until next year!

Christmas Card, Attempt Number One

So, they say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem, right? Well, I admit it... I am addicted to taking pictures and having pictures taken! It's no wonder that I started a photography business - if I had the money I'd keep every photographer in the area busy taking family pictures! What? It's Sunday at 4:00pm?? Well, I think that's an occasion to take pictures, isn't it?? It's a problem. I guess I just feel like the kids grow up so fast, I just want to capture their every moment!

So here are just a few cute shots from our first attempt at a Christmas card picture. As many of you may have seen, I used a different shot for the actual card - I ended up using one taken in the backyard of our new home, just for sentimental reasons. But here are some shots - even though taking pictures with Evan at this moment is not so fun, or so easy! Seriously, you would think that we were pulling teeth asking the boy to sit for two seconds... he's just too busy to stop for stinkin' pictures!